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    Is Adventure Out based in other States?

    Adventure Out has one office based in Perth WA, running programs Australia wide and in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The majority of programs we deliver Nationally are private groups, in PNG programs are open to the public.

    How long have you been operating?

    Adventure Out conducted its first activities in rock climbing and abseiling in November 1984.

    Is Adventure Out a family business


    Do I need to have experience?

    No experience is required. You can participate in an abseil beforehand to develop and understanding of the activity before your ‘BIG’ abseil

    Can I bring a GO PRO?

    Yes, we will endeavour to do all we can to ensure you capture footage; however safety and circumstance at the time may prevent you doing your descent with a GO PRO!

    Will I get Photos of my abseil?

    At registration you will be allocated a number that is clearly visible on your shoulder, this number will assist in collating photos

    How long does it take to abseil down the Building?

    Three to four minutes, this will depend on several factors; your body weight, confidence, abseil technique, weather conditions

    What happens if the weather is bad (windy, raining)?

    There is a wind limit that is constantly monitored; strong wind will put the event on hold until conditions improve

    Rain light shower do not create a problem for abseiling, heavy showers / rain, the event will be on hold

    How difficult is it to abseil?

    Abseiling is not difficult. Weight of the rope due to the height of your abseil will create a level of fatigue for your primary brake arm / hand. We have abseiled an 82-year-old lady from 26 levels

    Does the rope get hot to touch?

    No, the rope is not hot to touch. The abseil friction device will get hot, your hands holding the rope, the rope sliding through your hands controlling your descent will get hot; we provide 2 pairs of gloves