Categories: Kimberley Trek Questions

    What do I need to do beforehand to prepare?

    Prepare to open yourself up to more than the physical challenge. Prepare to open your heart through this adventure!

    What sort of accommodation should I expect?

    In Kununurra, there are many options available from budget to luxury accommodation.
    While trekking you sleep under a billion stars. We provide a swag for vehicle supported programmes and light weight pack tents or shelters for unsupported treks.

    What sort of meals are included?

    Cereal based Breakfast.
    Trail lunch (biscuits, wraps, damper with toppings etc)
    Evening meal, pasta, potatoes, rice and meat and veggies.
    On selected treks-we eat what we catch… fresh barramundi, beef, and bush tucker.
    All cooked on an open fire. There are vegan and vegetarian options too.

    Why Adventure Out?

    Our focus is walking on Country following Song Lines of the Traditional Owners., Campsites defined by natures window, ‘Leave no Trace’, before a morning walk to relocate camp on frontier of discovery, gently caressed by low volume small groups. 4WD vehicles enable access and egress with minimal impact on ground, balanced to consider personal comfort and environmental needs.

    Every company selling a Kimberley product, including AO offer ‘The Kimberley ‘Visa’, the ‘Ambiance’ of place, Adventure Out’s difference, we offer more…
    No matter which category of trek, by choosing AO’s trek / tour, you will feed your creative mindfulness, we will give you the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions, your takeaway, will be knowledge, understanding, self-confidence and the “can do” perspective!

    Adventure Out has established a relationship with the Traditional Owners in the East Kimberley since 2004, Adventure Out investment in the local community ensures safe passage for our trekkers and the respect of the country we walk on. Adventure Out offers an unrivalled challenge.

    What is the Leave No Trace policy?

    We strongly adhere to Leave No Trace, Australia’s national minimal impact program. As part of this philosophy, we encourage travellers to:

    • Plan ahead and prepare
    • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
    • Dispose of waste properly
    • Leave what you find
    • Minimise campfire impacts
    • Respect wildlife
    • Be considerate of your hosts and other visitors

    Will I have phone reception?

    As the Kimberley is renowned as being one of the last true wilderness frontiers, you cannot expect phone reception. There is sometimes sporadic phone reception however, this cannot be relied upon. Our tour leaders carry emergency satellite phones which allow them to communicate with our base if any emergencies arise.

    Can we charge phones/cameras/tablets on the trek?

    Unfortunately, there are no charging facilities at camps along the way. We recommend bringing extra batteries or solar chargers for your phones. To conserve battery power on your mobile devices, turn your phones into flight mode.

    Do you cater for private group tours?

    If you would like to organise a private group tour, we can easily organise this for you, whether it be a large or small number of people.

    Are there any extra/added expenses on the trip?

    Unless specified in the itinerary, all expenses are included in the tour price. There are no hidden extra costs, such as National Park fees or transfer charges.

    Is there a Packing List?

    We will include this a part of the booking package you receive when you complete your tour booking. These will differ from trip to trip and are included as a suggestion and are generally a great indication of what you will need (and what you won’t need!).