Is the Kokoda Trail safe?

    Good question! The Kokoda Trail is a trial of will power over physical power, with lots of environmental challenges and risks along the way. The trail itself can be quite dangerous with steep dense-jungle mountains, mosquitoes, rocky outcrops and rapidly flowing rivers. The rivers and creeks can rise rapidly after heavy rains, which can make them dangerous to cross. Much of the trail is inaccessible by helicopter.

    In order to minimise risk, Adventure Out has undergone training and simulations to ensure that our trek leaders are trained in emergency evacuation procedures and are qualified in emergency and remote first aid. Our trek leaders carry satellite phones and VHF radios. If an emergency occurs it is vital that you feel confident that our trek leaders are capable of handling the situation.

    As a trekker you need to ensure you are protected with a personal Travel Insurance policy to cover your medical evacuation and treatment costs should you become sick or suffer a personal injury during the tour. It is important to ensure the insurer you select will approve immediate air evacuation from the Kokoda Trail if the call is made by your trek leader, as not all insurance policies will cover this area unless specified.