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    What do you want for your team? Momentum, cohesion, synergy, empowerment, efficiency, interdependence?

    How do you picture them performing? What makes a team great? Nothing impacts the overall health of an organisation more negatively than negative or bad leadership, and ill-performing teams! When you think about growing your business, what comes to mind? Making more sales, improving product, marketing your brand or streamlining operations?


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    What about leadership and team development? Organisations are bombarded by opportunities all the time, some of them are relevant to our goals and too many can be distractions. We’d love to talk with you about your goals for your team, and the outcomes we have been consistently delivering for high performing teams over the last 30+ years. We work with teams across all industries and disciplines to develop your teams and individual’s potential through a series of well-designed experiential actions that will highlight individual and team culture and behaviour. Our corporate team building development programs provide opportunities for personal challenge, exploration of risk taking (with a focus on subjective versus objective risk assessment), trust, goal setting, benchmarking and increased team morale and camaraderie.

    We involve team members in the management of their activities by handing over a level of responsibility for personal and general safety, whilst maintaining checks and management of the activity’s outcomes. This is done under close scrutiny by our facilitating staff, and serves to increase the participants’ focus and awareness, encouraging individuals to take greater ownership of personal and team safety in a dynamic and challenging environment. The level of active participation is self-determined. We specialise in "Challenge by Choice" activities; requiring individuals to challenge their own personal comfort zone in a supportive and encouraging environment, to trust and be trusted by selecting a role for themselves that can and will support the team’s objectives. Individuals team members taking ownership.


    • Physical activity, commitment and a willingness to step out of established comfort zones
    • Places strong demands on team members to listen, be supportive to encourage others and celebrate success.
    • Promotes a strong team identity from the shared experience
    • Develops a high level of trust among all team members
    • Leads to higher levels of respect between team members

    Why is development training a beneficial investment?

    1. IMPROVE RETENTION: The Retention Report from the Work Institute tells us that companies can and must become better employers to retain and engage their employees, that more than 3 in 4 employees who quit could have been retained by their employers; 75% of employee turnover is preventable. Replacing an employee costs 33% of that employee's annual salary. Employee development programs are one of the most consistent ways employers can improve retention, upwards of 25% of employees leave for personal and career development reasons. Satisfied employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay with the company.
    2. CREATE & HARNESS A POSITIVE CULTURE: If a company wants its customer to trust it, to be perceived as 'great', loyal, the industry leader. Then the company needs to be all of these things; trusting, great, loyal, the industry leader. This begins and end with the employees. Employees increasingly value company culture when deciding where to work, and customers frequently make buying decisions based on the culture of the brand. Investing in your human capital and providing professional development opportunities can help create that purpose-driven culture.
    3. REDUCE YOUR OPERATING COSTS: Happy employees are productive employees. They take fewer sick days, they are retained and progress with the same company, they produce at a more effective pace and level. Investing in team building development training requires an upfront investment, however we believe and have seen through our customers successes that it will improve your bottom line in the long run.
    4. ATTRACT THE BEST TALENT: In any industry, great leaders and great companies attract top talent. Team development training can help harbour, build and retain the best talent internally, additionally, when you do have a need to hire externally, your leaders and their teams will know how to spot, attract and retain the best person for the job.
    5. SURPRISE & DELIGHT: Not everyone who takes part in your team building development program will grow, behave or react the way you anticipate they will – and that's OK. Everyone in your team who participates will still learn valuable skills that are essential to running an agile, performing, response-ready business.

    Have your ever ordered a smoothie or a frappe and as you watch the café staff make your order you can see that they’ve made more than will fit in your cup? How did it make you feel when they gave you that extra bit in the blender? Excellent! You got more than you expected, and it had a direct and lasting effect on how you experienced a simple exchange. Sometimes when everything is predictable, we can become complacent. Give your team that extra bit of smoothie.


    We’d love to talk with you about what you would like to achieve for your team and your company out of our team building programs. We've a selection of activities to choose from to assist in tailoring the program delivery to meet your specific needs. We've included some basic insights below, of these individual activities to provide you with examples of how our programs can work.

    We run our programs all across Australia, from beautiful Kings Park in the Perth CBD, to the Kimberly region or the outback reaches of the Northern Territory. We utilise the environmental surroundings to suit the outcomes desired of the program. We run programs from half day morning or afternoon activities, through to complete multi-day experiences.