Bernadette Brown

    I have completed two Wild Soul walks with Petrine. Both of these experiences have been profound and have enabled me to explore dormant parts of myself that nourish and support my life. They have allowed me to further understand and let go of painful emotions that no longer serve me, and continue onwards in my healing journey and soulful evolution.

    Petrine is a unique, wise and evolved person, she is committed to supporting others in their spiritual growth and personal development. This commitment, combined with Petrine’s deep connection with nature and its healing benefits, forms the bedrock of her Wild Soul programs.

    Petrine offers a simple, yet powerful structure to her Wild Soul walks. Her guidance and leadership is gentle and non-directive and encourages participants to be in nature without distraction; to feel and connect with the landscape and skies, to listen and follow the unique signs and impulses that present themselves for exploration.

    Petrine brings many wonderful gifts to her role of Facilitator. Her rigorous intellect, warmth, kindness and deep understanding of the human condition and the soul’s journey bring valuable insight that deeply enrichens the experience. I highly recommend the Wild Soul walks.

    Roz Sharp

    I travelled from an eastern inner city home to experience the Wild Soul River Trek Adventure. The program appealed to my desire to heal from a recent death.
    Participants were sent helpful information, such as a good physical preparations program, what to bring, and what to read about the history of this part of the Kimberley. Any questions were promptly answered in emails.
    The leaders, Terry and Petrine organised a dinner with the participants the night before we headed off early the next morning. On what turn out to be the most amazing 8 days. It was an ADVENTURE, the country is awe-inspiring, the remoteness grounding and soothing. The participant’s physical challenges were nurtured and addressed with encouragement and experience from Terry and Petrine. Bench mark passed daily with such ease with this approach. The sleeping and food components were comfortable and delicious. Petrine and Terry freely shared their extensive knowledge on many levels. Trekking, first people and arrival of pastoralists history, the geologic history, reading maps and the land. The Wild Soul component was an inner adventure it was integrated through out the day with group discussions and practises as well as individually forms of self expression. The activities reflected the participants interests Petrine was very flexible to the group’s input and output. I would highly recommend having this experience. I felt safe and looked after as I explored this incredible part of the outback. Not a blister in sight when we headed back healthy happy and proud of the past 8 days.

    Steph Tchan

    The Wild Soul experience gave so much – most of all a new understanding of how to live my life, to embrace the stuckness from old hurts and way of being, how to embrace this a way to journey to another place . Another place more honouring of ancient cultures, more understanding of all our vulnerability and strengths and ultimately freer to live a more rounded out life.


    The Canberra-based National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) approached (Adventure Out) in Perth to see if they could assist in the training of its student staff. The result was a remarkable outdoor leadership program that not only awakened and developed valuable skills in these young Australians but also offered them a profound cultural experience. Today this program is one of the most valued items on the NYSF’s calendar. I can definitely say that this Adventure Out program delivers in spades.


    The feedback from all participants has been nothing less than sensational; not only was it a fun experience but people really understood the many lessons that were gained from the activities. The personal satisfaction and sense of achievement of all those who stepped up (and out!) on the abseil and flying fox will never be forgotten. I would certainly highly recommend your company to any organization looking to create a genuine team experience.


    As a part of the programme the Fellows (mostly City slickers) were taken to, what for them, was an unknown hostile environment in a remote outdoor setting. Terry, with his wonderful knowledge of country and highly developed people skills, provided support and mentoring. The Fellows were pushed far beyond what they thought they could achieve, discovered strengths and weaknesses, admitted vulnerabilities and supported one another; they became a team. There is a fine balance to (Adventure Out’s) role – keeping the group safe in grueling conditions, pushing them physically and mentally out of their comfort zones whilst helping them find imaginative ways to problem solve and to approach certain conditions. Indeed (Adventure Out’s) guidance allowed them to grow, be challenged – experiences which will assist them to become more effective leaders with a broader scope of vision.


    When, for my 60th birthday, my daughter bought me a voucher for a day’s abseiling and rock climbing with Adventure Out, I never thought for a moment that this would be the first of several ‘life changing’ adventures for me… During the past six years, I have achieved things that I never thought possible, and I am now a much more capable and confident person. To Terry and his wonderful staff at Adventure Out, a very sincere thank you. You have provided this old bloke with a new lease of life and a massive boost to his self-esteem.


    Every year, the memories from this night stay with me for weeks after… It truly does create the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow and an alumni that any of Australia’s great organisations would aspire to have.


    Their programs have helped people learn about interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. By working in groups throughout each program, participants learn about aspects of teamwork such as cooperation, communication, trust, problem solving and leadership.